Moment of silence for all of you braving the Queue of Doom for Hamlet tickets today.

(half) Shirtless Benedict mmm

Some brilliant motto from Benedict.


The good ol’ Tumblr email bots informed me today that this little biddy blog was started four years ago today!

We were one of the first benedict cumberbatch blogs to surface and now we’re a little fish in a sea of other amazing blogs dedicated to this man.

Thank you to each and every follower than has joined us over these 4 years! You’re all appreciated, every single one of you :)

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1979 - 2010
accidental death by drowning

Benedict Cumberbatch attends The Hobbit The Battle Of The Five Armies Panel [x]


The Hobbit Cast @ SDCC 2014 (7/26/2014)

*BONUS* (Benedict Cumberbatch & Andy Serkis Interview)


Benedict Cumberbatch Teases Sherlock Series 4

Benedict giving his best Gollum imitation. (x)