Benedict Cumberbatch on Jimmy Kimmel Live (2/2)

Benedict Cumberbatch on Jimmy Kimmel Live (1/2)

RT Photoshoot - 2013

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Benedict Cumberbatch is nominated for a New Now Next Award!

Logo’s New Now Next Awards have nominated Benedict as Foreign Import of the Year and are asking you guys you get your vote on and get behind Benedict to win!

How to Vote:

Twitter: Include the hashtags #NNNABenedictC and #NNNAwards in your tweets to vote! 

Online voting: Click here.

(Star Trek: Into Darkness is also nominated for Next Must See Movie! #NNNAStarTrekDarkness)

The NewNowNext Awards is a night and party that calls out EVERYTHING in pop culture that deserves the gay stamp of approval.  The NNNA’s irreverently salutes the best-but-underrated talent in fashion, music, and movies—and does so before anyone else!
So VOTE. REBLOG. Tell your friends!